Remington International - Boston, MA

617 266 6200

Reminton International is a collection of recruiting agencies, fed through Techie Gold. Their own recruiters and employees have a very high turnover rate. I was so discusted with these people that I removed myself from all of the job boards, so they couldn't find me.

So, they called today. I bitched out the lady that called me, and told her that she was wasting my time. She argued that they're a good company, and put me on with Sarah, who wouldn't even give me the job description until I gave her a salary number. Once I did, she told me that it was too high, and that there was no reason to go into the job description. What a total waste of time.

My biggest complaint from them, is that after phone, and in-person interviews with their clients, I would never EVER get any feedback from them, and I would be treated as if I urinated all over the conference table while shouting obscenities at thier clients. I would never get any feedback after interviews, or any returned phone calls, until they would call me again with another gig. If I DO embarass them, they must not mark that in their records. And metric tons of job postings for my type of position. These people just suck. Unless you're a 1-2 year newbie, don't even bother with these people.

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Remington is awful by Jpopboston
Remington, NY by fullo
HR email address by Anonymous (not verified)
Ended up being a very POSITIVE experience by Anonymous (not verified)
They were not exactly up front by Anonymous (not verified)
Sarah by Anonymous (not verified)
I've had nothing BUT by Anonymous (not verified)
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