Indian Recruiting Scam?

Myself, in Pittsburgh, and a friend, in Houston, have been receiving an increasing number of inquiries about contract/contract-to-hire/permanent jobs in the Technical Writing field lately from recruiters around the country that seem to be ACTUALLY based in India.

When I receive an inquiry from a recruiter in broken English, whether by email or by phone, it immediately raises my hackles. Generally, the emails are poorly written and provide no detail of the specific job. The phone numbers are either "Private" or when reverse searched generally turn out to be cell phones.

When an email lists a phone number and a fax number, they usually are from different area codes and states. The majority of the phone numbers seem to be in New Jersey. Most of the websites seem, if reviewed without skepticism, to be somewhat legitimate. A deeper investigation into the actual owners of the companies and/or websites, however, usually results in dead ends.

In my dealings with any of these recruiters, I generally have suggested to them that they buy a map. I don't see relocating for a 3-month contract position at below-market rates; and I certainly have no intention of commuting 300 or more miles. I suppose if you lived in Rhode Island, anywhere in the state would be "nearby".

I at first sent resumes to these recruiters naively assuming that they had genuine positions for which I might be qualified. It finally dawned on me that once I sent my resume, 75% never contacted me again. Another 10% contacted me once to ask further questions. An additional 10% contacted me repeatedly saying I was being submitted for a job in another city. And 5% contacted me and changed their story regarding the rate of pay for the job.

Can anyone out there tell me what exactly these people are doing with our resumes? It is my firm belief that they actually have no connection to any legitimate employer. I believe any positions that they actually post on any of the job boards are merely copies of someone else's legitimate posting. When they attempt to reword it, they generally fail miserably at maintaining the integrity of the job description.

Why are they doing this? What do they stand to gain? I can't even see it as possible identity theft because all they have is a work history, a name, an address, and phone numbers.

Thanks for any explanation that you can offer.

P.S. - I may have a story in the near future regarding one of these so-called agencies. It seems a number of them list "business partners" on their sites and many of these companies are totally unaware of said relationship. I have a friend involved with a business partner investigating.

Recruiting Scam

ACtually, I have also been contacted by an Indian guy with badly broken English about a position in Pittsburgh. The guy is actually incoherent, does not answer direct questions, and will just repeat that he has a position in Pittsburgh, and that I am highly skilled. The guy claims to be from ACCoy, but his phone number is from a 248 or 246 area code.

Since he mentioned that he was from ACCoy, I told him that I didn't want to do business with them at all, and why. I had to speak very slowly and very loudly in order to get him to stop reading me the same parts of the script he had. I eventually had to hang up on him. Then he called me the next day. And the next!!!

On Slashdot today

On Slashdot today is an article about a new rash of bad recruiting tactics. I didn't get a chance to do frist psot, so I figured I'd just link here. This is something that we've been talking about for some time here -- bad recruiters, and their bad tactics.

Scam from one or two oceans from U.S.

I was scammed by a top-tier out-outsouring company, hiring those who speak American English, fishing for resume at job searaching wedsite(s), deploying bait and switch tatics. Low, very low.

Live Free or Die Hard !

Bus Concept not bad..but execution

After getting involved with an insistant email string with a seemingly diligent, but hard to understand (with shall we say uncommon grammar), recruiter who could not understand that Indiana was not a reasonable commute from New Jersey, I discovered, from the Company he was referring me to:

There is apparently a business idea where these in India recruiters run some type of match programs through all the on line resumes. Not unlike other recruiters I guess. They are allowed to submit the candidiate to the company and be the recruiter of record. However, they only charge a small percent of the normal fee.

By the way, this particular one, was not allowed to call he told me they were "virtual recruiters based in India". Now I must say, the ideas isn't terrible...the execution wasn't effective...but they were honest...after a bit of pushing...about what they were up to.

The influx of Indian

The influx of Indian recruiters is really beginning to make for a lot of background noise - I can't recall how many letters I've received recently from recruiters like this. Everything from the next state to India is the location for these short-term contract positions.
I guess, on a cosmic scale, I should be able to step out of my door in the midwestern USM and walk into Bangalore for work that morning.

I know it's been a while, but...

I am in panic. This afternoon I received a phone call from a recruiter that clearly was from India. He did not denied it, and indicated that he had a customer that had several state wide positions that ranged from manufacturing, managing, and other activities.

I was contacted recently by another company before that also seemed "funny" as it was almost impossible to understand them. However, at a minimum they referred to a specific job and location.

I figured that it was another set of recruiters from the same company to ask more questions. I am currently actively seeking for another position and have been with the same employer for more than 7 years, so I figured that it is part of the "improved" job interview process.

However, these people had definetly better English than the first guys that contacted me. Furthermore, they seemed to be very familiar with what I am currently doing.

I would not have that much of an issue; but suddenly the questions started to get more and more specific towards the type of business that I am currently in. They even got to the point of asking me about costs, specific products and other info that I considered proprietary. After several attempts to get specific prices for one of the products, I told them I could not provide that information because I considered proprietary and I did not feel comfortable because my company has strict rules about these things. However, they would not give up and continue to pose the same question in 20 different ways. After that, they migrated to our competitors, other products that we do not even have in the market and the ultimate, a product that we are not even sure if it is a possibilit or not. At some point I just shutted up and started answering that I did not know anything.

They kept saying that they did not want to know specifics of my company, that they just needed for me to give them a "ball park" so they could indeed verify the "level of experience" that I had. However, after saying that, they would come up with an even more specific question...

Anyway, at the end they were "satisfied" with my answers, they were "very impressed" with me and told me they would definetly reccomend me to the client. They also asked me if I had friends or peers to refer to them.

At this point I am not concerned about getting a job, but actually keeping my current job! Although I do not think I said anything of concern, I have a lot of worries for the specificity of the questions and the insight info that they seemed to have. The thing that is worrying me the most is that they would not give up and they called my cell, which is a company cell...

I can not tell you how stupid I feel...

Anyway, just wanted to post it out, in case you get something similar and to vent out my anxiety!

Indain Recruiter

I agree with Flecknoe. I have been doing IT Consulting for over 13 years. I have gotten plenty on calls from Indian recruiters over the years and have even worked for them.
They usually call at strange hours. Also they often mention a job opportunity that is 100's of miles away from you. Like Flecknoe says "Buy a map".
I have had some to tell me to call them. When they answer, I can hear babies crying, etc. I can tell they are home. Many times they sound like they just woke up. I think a lot of these recruiters are based in India and working from home. With an IP phone you can have any US area code phone number you want. The number of these calls I am receiving has increased dramatically recently.
Like I said I have worked for one of these Indian companies before. I did a contract with a major pharmaceutical company in RTP, NC. The recruiter demanded that they pay me 1099 status instead of W2. Well I did not have my own company, but they paid me 1099 anyway. I paid all my taxes at the end of the year, and surprisingly, I got a refund I did not expect. I guess the Indian company got burned for paying me on a 1099 status illegally.
However it wasn't all great working for such a company. I had to wait for my check to be cleared and processed; it would be mailed from overseas. It would typically take around ten days after my timesheet was submitted.
My advice, stay away from these Indian recruiters unless you are really desperate.
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